Agape love, its’ meaning is to love continually, a love that never ends; love that’s always loving and always giving; loving others even when they don’t love back ; able to love a person even when they did not deserve it
; to love unconditionally; to give your love as a gift not expecting anything back in return; love that is patient; love that is kind; love that does not envy; love that does not boast; it’s not proud; it’s not rude; it’s not self-seeking; nor easily to anger; it keeps no record of the wrongs that had been done to it; and it does not delight in the evil to others; it rejoices in the truth; it protects and trusts; it always hopes; it always perseveres, and in all of this... love never fails.

Humankind have the choice to be love and to give love, but many of us do not choose to do this, to do what is right and good. Many let evil and hate
fill their hearts doing evil deeds that can cause the very Earth to labor catastrophes (disasters) upon us all. Not only are the evil ones destroyed in this process, but also those that are good. Evil and hate wants to live in the darkness, because it does not want to expose its evil and hateful deeds in the light.

Accepting JESUS's Salvation plan is the first step a person must take in order to experience the freedom from sin, and to truly know what is meant by the word Agape. JESUS will not force Salvation on any person, a person must choose to accept JESUS as his or her own personal Lord and Savior. A person must want to live in the light, to do what's good and right, and truly repent from their sins. Once a person accept Salvation through JESUS their spirit man will be change from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light instantaneously, automatically.


The works of the flesh that is in the sinful body will not change overnight; it will take time, because it’s an on going process until that person dies. JESUS is willing to take man through this process. JESUS will start this good work in a person only if the person truly wants to be changed. GOD is faithful and is able to complete a good work in you
even to the very end.

JESUS died so that humankind may have life more abundantly. JESUS took the strips and suffered, because of our sins, just for our healing. JESUS did not had to do this, but HE did it anyway, because HE Agape for us. We can have healing because of the strips of JESUS, if we choose to believe this and accept this. JESUS wants to be our personal Lord and Savior, just to save us, do you believe this about HIM.

This Agape love, GOD always has for us from the beginning of the world. JESUS loves us so much that HE took the cross, just to save us, and all we have to do is to repent from the evil works, ask GOD the FATHER to forgive your sins, and then receive Salvation through JESUS HIS SON. GOD's Salvation is a free gift, because JESUS paid it all on the cross, just for us, and there are no strings attached.

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