Who is GOD's SON you may ask, but I will ask you this question first. Do you believe in GOD, and where do you think HE had gotten HIS SON's name?

If you want the truth here it is. There is only one GOD that had died and came back to prove HIS existence and truth. When you believe in Him you will know this truth and your eyes shall be open to see and hear HIM.

Where is this GOD (?), how can you find HIM... You must first believe HE lived, died and rose again so that we may be with HIM.

GOD will reveal HIMSELF to you. You may say, how can I see this GOD, how do I know if HE is really, real? How can I talk to someone I can't see, hear nor even know if HE hears me? Let me ask you this question, can you see or hear oxygen that is in the air? You breathe it in order to live weather you see it or not? Just, because you can't see something or hear doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

You must believe, that GOD is first, this is a law of the supernatural world. Like there are laws in this physical world. One law is "the law of aerodynamics ". Physics tell me that an airplane can fly in the air being several tons in weight. Do you think this world is made up of only the "5" senses of hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, and touching because, our physical bodies can only hear, taste, see, smell and touch in this physical world? There is more to this world than what we can sense with our
natural physical body, as the airplane proves?

You may say this GOD HE never lived, then can you tell me when you were born? You may say, "you got papers proving when you were born". There are records proving GOD's (JESUS) existence, and that HE was born. If you say this is not real then let me ask you this, do you think those papers telling of your birth will exist after thousands of years from now after your death (?), yet Jesus name is still here after thousands...s of years.

You say, "your family generation will tell of your existence". Well, GOD has family, too. JESUS's mother, brothers and sisters (Matthew 13:55), friends, and acquaintances who told of His existence, and HE's existence is being pass down from generation. What's the different between your family's generation, and God's family generation telling of HIS existence?

Just as your family will tell of your existence to generation after your gone.

I want you to do this simple test whisper in the ear of a friend. "I hope to see you next Thursday, and I want to tell you I saw your brothers today being today is a Monday," now tell that friend to whisper in the ear, this information, to a friend until it have pass down to about 20 persons, or more. Now ask that 20th person or the last person in line to tell what had been told to them. Once you have their answer read the test question to see if it have been changed from what you told the first person. Most likely it has changed.

So, now what do you think about GOD's SON "JESUS" (?), HE has remain the same after thousand of years, and thousands of generations.

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