One Theory of the "7 Seals" from the Book of Revelation
( This is only my opinion and interpretation, which is subject to change )
updated 11 / 23 / 07

Seal -1
White Horse
Reve. 6:1 -2 The beginning of Christ's Church BCE 32 (3784)
Seal -2
Red Horse
Reve. 6:3-4
Matt. 24:4-7
Luke 21:8-10
False Christ are appearing saying that they are the Christ.

Wars and reports of war

Seal -3
Black Horse
Reve. 6:5 - 6
Luke 21:11

Famines -( earth's climate changes – global warming due to the possibility that the tilting of the earth’s axis of 23.45 degree is beginning to return to its original positioning that will producing a water layer that conferencing the whole earth’s outer upper-most atmosphere as seen in Genesis 1:7).

It may also be due to a gravitational force on the earth, as the reverse of the, "Big Bang Theory" (Getting ready for Revelation 6:14). Note when GOD made the stars (heavenly bodies) to give light unto the earth this may have been the "Big Bang Theory".

This also may be due to the earth being near a "Black Hole."

Seal -4
Pail Horse / Death

Reve. 6:7-8


Matt 24:8-10

Luke 21:12-20

Pestilences like AID, Mad Cow, Anthrax, West Nile Virus, Sars, NH5 and others that are not named for fear of a worldwide panic

Earthquakes in rare places “The Beginning of Sorrows”

God's people will and are being terrorized and killed for their testimony, making or will make many Christians to stumble and to turn against the faith and their Christian families for fear of being persecuted and put to death .

Begin to see in the 1987 ? will increase during the years.
Seal -5

Matt. 24:11

Matt. 24:14 -24

2 Thess. 2:3-4

Luke 21:20

False prophets - Government leaders, psychic, and some of the so-called church leaders in sheep clothing getting people to believe in Antichrist behaviors saying they are of Christ.

The Gospel is being preached in the world (Television, Cable, Satellites, and on the Internet).

Total Lawlessness comes. The false Christ and the false prophet of Antichrist can be seen now. The false Christ and prophet are doing signs and wonders, trying to trick the chosen into believe that the Antichrist is the king that the Jews are waiting to come.

Jerusalem will be surrounded and encampment - may be a short war near the city (nuclear). Whatever happens, it will be shortened for the elect sake.






2012 ?
possible +8 yrs.
(Possible +248 yrs. may be added due to the correction in the time line)

Seal -6

Reve. 6:12-17
Matt. 24:29-30
Luke 21:25-28
Isaiah 13:9-10
Isaiah 13:13-22
Isaiah 2:19-21

Reve. 7:1 -9

Sun is darkened, and moon will not give light. The stars of heaven shall be fallen. The Powers in heavens are shaken.

This may be seen on earth as the after effects of nuclear weapons, meteors or asteroids that had fallen on the earth. It may be somthing in space that causing to earth and heaven to change.

The kings of earth will hide, knowing what is coming, due to a coming nuclear war, or meteors, or asteroids. They will build underground housing for protection.

Possible In-gathering

144,000 Jews of The 12 tribes of Israel, the chosen are sealed on their forehead - Revelation 7:1 and a great multitude - Revelation 7:9

A sign in heaven that the "Son of Man is coming," what will this sign be see as (?) maybe a large meteor, asteroid, or increasing darkness in the heaven due to dark clouds that are surrounding Jesus ( Job 22:14 / Luke 21:27 ) coming towards the earth as a warning sign telling the tribes of the earth to get ready Jesus will soon be here. The Son of Man will be seen coming upon/in clouds of heaven with power and great glory.










2018 ? yr

Seal -7

Reve. 8:1-2
2 Peter 3:8










Reve.11:3 -8

Silence in heaven for half hour.
If one day in heaven is 1000 year on earth, then 20.833 earth years is 1/2 hour in heaven - the time it takes for one generation to grow-up.

Seven angels are given seven trumpets and another is given a golden censer with much incense to offer with the prayers of all Saints that went up before GOD. An angel will take the censer filled it with fire from the altar and hurled it on the earth where thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake. ( again meteor (s), asteroid (s) or some type of bomb (s) that may hit the earth – possibility ).

1 - 6 Trump passing see book of Revelation to get details.
( Revelation 8:7 - 10:14 )

Two Witnesses ( Olive Trees )

1 Corinth. 15:23, 52 - last trump

1 Thess. 1:10 - anger that's coming

1 Thess 4:16 - Voice

Matt 24:31 /
Mark 13:27

Matt 24:39 - 42
7th trumpet sound

At the 7th Trump there is a gathering of the late believers from 4 winds of heaven with
(Revelation 14:13 - 14:16).

This is in the 1st Resurrection.

( The Harvest happen after the 7th trumpet had sounded and before the bowls or vials.

1st Resurrection starts at the 1st Fruit up to Revelation 20:6. Why, because the dead in Christ will be with the Lord ( absent from the body is present with the Lord ), then we that remains alive until HIS return shall be caught-up to be with HIM at the last trump ( called Harvest ), and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years is the Harvest. This is really saying the Harvest ends at the end of the thousand years.

The 1st Fruits has started already, after Jesus being the 1st of Fruits (see Matthew 27:52-53, and 1 Corinth 15:23) and (see John 11:25 - 26) and will end at Revelation 20:6.

The 2nd Resurrection is of the dead Revelation 20:13-14.

Please note that Revelation 14:13 - 14:16, and
Revelation 14:17 - 14:20 are two different events, one of saved ( Harvest ) and second stay dead from the Wrath of GOD at the end of thousand years for Judgement.

Matt. 24:32 - 34,36, 37, 38, 39.

Luke 21:29-32

Who will be the Noah of the latter days, it's the Church.

When Noah tried to warn the people in those days, did they believe him ?

666 Number of the Beast


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