1 Corinthians 13:12

( 05/27/2005 )

GOD is the Creator and HE can do NO darkness and void, but only create light and life. Wherever the Spirit of GOD is and what ever HE says only creates light and life.

People who become in Christ Jesus the darkness and void cannot stand anymore in their lives unless they let it stand
( Romans 6:4 ).

The devil likes total darkness and the void. The devil will try to fool the Children of GOD by using their weakness
( their flesh ) to bring darkness into their lives.

For the Children of GOD the darkness and void is no longer part of their attribute, because this Spirit of light and life is now living in them by Christ Jesus.

Because the Children of GOD were raised in unbelief at first before they became saved the flesh ( physical body and outward appearances in this world ) battles with them. It is easier for them to believe what they see instead of believing what GOD say’s that is why it is important to hear from GOD to get.

Jesus gave His life willingly to save others, yet there are many of GOD’s people who died for the lack of knowledge not knowing the power of light and life they have on this earth through Christ Jesus. For GOD said, “Ye are gods –
( Psalms 82:6, Josh 22:22 )

The Children of GOD must ask GOD to give them understanding and wisdom to see their power in Christ Jesus.

The earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. That is where the devil lives in darkness and in the deep. The devil cannot create! The devil chooses to let darkness be with him unsteady of the light and life of GOD. The devil made himself corrupt ( Ezekiel 28:17 ) and wanted the darkness and void; why, I believe the devil wanted to hide what he had done by putting everything into the darkness and void. Trying to cover-up from anyone knowing his shame, trying to kill everything at the end, but GOD said, "Let there be light!" ( Luke 8:17 ) For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light."

The earth belongs to GOD, and HE spoke light and life to it, and gave into the hands of man to rule over. This made the devil mad, and now the devil wanted to get the earth back so he tricks Eve to the fall of mankind by Adam.
[ Genesis 3:7]).

The devil do not want the People of GOD to known that one of the many aspects of GOD is creation of light and life and not death.

The devil wants the earth to be in darkness ( Psalms 82:5 ). The devil was happy when the earth was in total darkness. GOD did not create the earth to be in this form to cover up sins. Was not King David sins also revealed.

Now the devil wants people to believe that GOD wants them to be in darkness and in the void. The devil is still trying to kill everything, still hoping to cover-up and get rid of everything.

When bad things happen in our lives some blame GOD for not doing anything about it, or not stopping it. Some may saying that “ GOD let it happen.” And some may say why can’t GOD step in and stop the evil in this world? HE can do whatever HE wants, remember HE's GOD! But, No! HE won't, because HE is "a GOD of HIS word, and of law "and to break HIS Word or law would be a lie, producing the destruction of all life.

It is not GOD that creates the darkness in this world. It is not GOD that let the bad things happen by the darkness and void that exists in this world channeled by the devil. Example: GOD created fire so that everyone may use it wisely to warm oneself, but the devil uses it to burn people. Should GOD be blame for making fire? Should we all be in the cold, because GOD was afraid if HE makes fire someone will use it for evil?

Darkness and void exist and the devil channels it to people who will accept it, but there is good news GOD can stop this darkness and void if only the Children of GOD ask, but do we ( because of the lack of knowledge ), and often not at all. That is way we must pray daily. This world would be in a much worse place if it were not for the few that do pray daily. Whole Creation groans and labors with birth pangs; waiting for the Children of GOD to be manifested
( Romans 8:22 ).

GOD can only give light and life. Remember the earth was given over to the Children of GOD to rule and to have dominion through JESUS GOD's SON. GOD well not step over this boundary ( rule ) - HE must get permission first from the Children of GOD ( Genesis 1:28 ) (We must lean how to be Kings and Priest on the earth. GOD gave the earth over to the Children of GOD to rule).

We must act like rulers. No, GOD doesn't let bad things happen on the earth, because we do, how by not praying when it is needed (James 5:15-16). The devil uses also bad people. There are evil people out there that are praying using GOD law (the fire) for evil, did you know this? A law is a law weather it is use for evil or good. Air planes flies using the law of aerodynamics be it for ten tons, or just one once in weight. GOD will not break HIS law, or HE would be a total lie. GOD do not want the devil to use HIS fire ( law ) for burning people, but the devil uses it in this way.

Did you know that we shall judge angels
( 1 Corinthians 6:3 ), could this be why the devil
doesn't like us also?

Often we have dreams that warns us of the darkness that is coming our way or in someone life, but we too often dismiss it as just a bad dream from something bad food we eat the night before. This in most case can be true, but it best to pray just in case.

How often we dream of other people, and places that we do not know ourselves, or have seen before. A flash of a persons face may come to your mind that we may or may not know. This is telling us to pay for that person, because they need our help. The prayer may be needed now, or for the future. I can explain more on this, but this is not the time if we just pray one or two words like, "Oh GOD," or "GOD help them please."

Does not GOD warn us by dreams, but we refuse to believe. We say to that dream, “GOD, don’t let this happen,” well this is praying. Some time we may hear a voice or voices of people calling our names, or even love ones calling out to us, and we look around and their is no one their?

The darkness and void happen in this world because majority of people refuse to believe in the spirit world and by not believe many people go un-help through the lack of prayers. GOD cannot just come into this world to help us unless we asked HIM first, and oh how HE is waiting to jump in to help us if we ask HIM.

Many of us died for the lack of knowledge, and we blame GOD. GOD can only create light and life not the wrongs things that happen in our lives. The Children of GOD must pray to rule over this earth for GOD's Kingdom.
( Ephesians 6:12 - 6:18 )

Are you hearing from GOD of light and life to get an understanding of warfare, or just newspapers telling of the wrongs in this world, and keeping you in fear?

The devil sees our weakness ( flesh ) and is always asking us to let demons rule in our lives to bring darkness and death, just to cover up his shame at the end. The devils do not want us to know that we can ask GOD for light and life for others and ourselves on this earth.


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